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With the four largest fast-food companies and three largest food service providers having signed
Fair Food agreements with the CIW, the supermarket industry is past due to step up, bring its enormous
purchasing power to the plate, and help end abuse and poverty in Florida's fields once and for all.

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Not sure which of our campaign targets is in your area?
Click here for a color-coded map of national supermarket chains!

Campaign Background: Supermarkets... and you

...As the 'target market' of the fast food industry and as students positioned to hold our educational institutions accountable, youth played an indispensable role in bringing about each of the groundbreaking Fair Food agreements secured by the CIW over the past decade.

Through tireless organizing and education on our campuses and in our communities—rooted in the concept that young people and students are objectified and exploited by the very same corporations that exploit farmworkers—we were a driving force behind some of the largest victories against corporate greed our generation has seen.

But does this analysis still hold true today as we turn toward the supermarkets?...

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